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Excellence is at the core of HALO’s values and everyone involved in the company aspires to give their best. We have strict standards and you can see our policies on Health and Safety and Quality at the bottom of this page. As a result, we truly believe our range of drone training courses and operational services are industry leading. If we didn’t believe this, we wouldn’t put in the effort to create them in the first place. We pride ourselves on excellent customer support and commitment to customer satisfaction. Read our reviews to see what our customers say about us.


We focus on Safety first; by striving for excellence and developing the highest standards of competency, and managing the continued development of our pilots, we ensure HALO operators are regarded as the best in the industry.

We want to enable Accessibility to drones for all; by optimising the supply chain so that end users can quickly and easily procure the best value drone service and or data.

We want to ensure drones offer true Value; by exploiting HALO’s in-house expertise to constantly research and develop new technology and techniques to capture data, and distribute this knowledge through our training courses.

Training and Services

HALO’s primary focus is on creating the very best training courses we can. In order to achieve this our small team of expert pilots deliver services with drones on a daily basis. This enables them to remain current with operating the latest equipment for emerging applications and they inform the continual development of our training courses. In addition to our training course, we can also provide a range of services to support our customers along their journey of incorporating drones into their business. For example, our consultancy services can help raise awareness of considerations for utilising drones effectively and be used to establish an implementation plan. HALO can then provide outsourced drone services to help establish a minimum viable product, quickly while minimising the need for any investment. Once the value of the service has been proven, HALO can provide training to allow a company to establish a minimal in-house competency. In the future, during peak times of data capture HALO can be also engaged to provide outsourced drone services.

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Expertise and Experience

All of our instructors and pilots are commercial drone pilots first and foremost. We do not come from a background in manned aviation and we see this is a massive benefit. It enables us to empathise with the majority of customers who tend not to come with any previous experience of aviation either. This means we are able to speak a common language and create training courses that focus on relevant, non technical information that is more accessible for the majority of new users. This helps our customers establish themselves quickly and differentiate themselves from competitors.

  • Our pilots have a combined experience that exceeds thousands of logged operating hours
  • Our instructors and assessors have previous work experience with several other drone training schools, having delivered over 60 courses totalling more than 1,000 candidates


Ethics and Authenticity

We care about how we do business and encourage everyone involved with HALO to always do the right thing (Ethical) and be true to themselves (Authentic); ultimately we judge this by always ensuring HALO’s activities have a positive impact on the environment, society, its employee’s, and customers.

We only want to do business with individuals and companies who share our values and vision. We are also very conscious of being accurate with how we market our services so that customers can be sure of what they are purchasing. We are considerate that is tricky for customers to quantify any form of claim that states we provide the best services, even if we believe it to be true.

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Everyone in HALO Drones shares a passion for what drone technology can bring to society, and it is this passion that drives us to be the best we can be. You can be assured that you will reap the benefits of this attitude when you engage with our services and personable team members. We are putting the care back into customer care!


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Gain Your PfCO

Operational Authorisation

HALO Drones holds an Operational Authorisation (the new PfCO) with the CAA. This allows us to provide flying services. We can be found on the CAA list of approved operators under our registered company name HALO Industries Limited trading as HALO Drones.

Experienced Instructors


HALO Drones is a fully approved Recognised Assessment Entity. This allows us to provide training and assessments and grant successful candidates either an A2 CofC or GVC certificate, or both! RAE issue number 5607.



We are insured to provide both drone training and flying services. We have public liability cover up to £10 million which is compliant with EC785/2004 as mandated by the Civil Aviation Authority.

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