Ops Manual Bridging Course (HALO PfCO Students)

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This course has been tailor-made for our existing PfCO clients who want to:

  • Upgrade their Operations Manual to the new EU regulations
  • Renew their PfCO and convert to an Operational Authorisation
  • Upgrade their RP Certificate of Competence to a GVC & A2 CofC (optional)
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Everything you need to upgrade your Operations Manual to the new EU regulations, help you renew your PfCO and convert to it an Operational Authorisation.

  • Access to either of our two OM templates which have been updated to comply with the new regulations
    • LITE option (NEW!!!) which is a stripped down version of our previous PFCO template – good for one man band operators flying in less complex environements
    • Comprehensive option which is an evolution of our previous PFCO template – good for larger operators who have multiple pilots and are regularly flying in complex environments with lots of risk (Construction sites, City Centres etc)
  • Full written guidance documents
  • Video tutorials (NEW!!!)
  • Access to a digital and updated version of our Course Handbook which includes details of the new regulations (for 1 year). (A printed copy can be ordered for £50 inc VAT and delivery)
  • Includes 1 review by a HALO Assessor who will highlight any recommended changes. We’ve limited these to help you save money. Given your familiarity with our template process having successfully completed our PFCO course, we don’t think you will need any more feedback anyhow. (Additional reviews can be purchased @ £60 inc VAT/review)
  • Guaranteed to meet the new CAA requirements
  • Get started today


Theory Assessment

We have also provided the option to bolt on a Theory Assessment so you can upgrade your Remote Pilot Certificate of Competence to an A2 CofC & GVC. Might we add this is not mandatory, your existing Recommendation for a PFCO Certificate does NOT need to be upgraded until 1st of January 2024. However we have done this to help offer our existing clients the best value we can, so you can upgrade both your OM AND Certification for less than the Conversion Course for new clients.

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