Beginner Course – Flight Training Half Day

£360.00 inc VAT

This will last for 3 hours. Though this doesn’t sound like much time, but when you are concentrating on learning new skills, the focus required can be exhausting. We recommend this for complete beginners and advanced pilots looking to improve their skills.



A short one-to-one lesson with an experienced commercial drone instructor will quickly identify and eradicate any bad habits (we all have them). Your HALO instructor can also provide flight training for specific applications as some types of flying call for specialist skills. For this, a half day is usually sufficient. It will be more intense than a full day, but ‘cramming’ can be surprisingly effective as it focuses the concentration.

Our practical courses are tailored to your requirements, therefore no two courses are alike. As standard you will get:

  • A professional instructor who has years of training experience and is a current commercial drone pilot. This ensures your training is up to date and relevant.
  • A training location. We have a number of venues around the country, this will be discussed during your booking.
  • Training drones. We have a fleet of purposefully developed training drones. These are designed to take a knock or two, and most importantly, they have dual controls. This means the instructor can regain control from the candidate to avoid an accident. We find that this is a really useful learning tool, it helps give candidates confidence knowing they are in a safe and controlled environment. The benefit is they tend to then relax and focus on learning rather than worry about crashing.


HALO’s flying sites include;

North Wiltshire

North London