Beginner Course – Flight Training Full Day

£540.00 inc VAT

A full day consists of 6 hours training with a lunch break. This is perfect for beginners who have 0 previous experience. We usually fly a mix of our training drones and the candidates drone to give a broader range of experience so that the pilot doesn’t become conditioned to one type of aircraft.



Our instructor will get you get off to the best possible start. You’ll leave with all the basics necessary to excel, and we’ll provide personalised feedback to support your ongoing development. We’ll nip any errors or bad habits in the bud before they take a grip. Ideally, we’ll teach you using our own specifically designed trainer drones as they’re equipped with dual controls. A full day’s instruction will allow for an extensive debrief and time to discuss any nagging questions you may have with your instructor. Flying drones is an immersive experience, so a full day gives you the opportunity to pace your learning and reduce the need for further training.

Our practical courses are tailored to your requirements, therefore no two courses are alike. As standard you will get:

  • A professional instructor who has years of training experience and is a current commercial drone pilot. This ensures your training is up to date and relevant.
  • A training location. We have a number of venues around the country, this will be discussed during your booking.
  • Training drones. We have a fleet of purposefully developed training drones. These are designed to take a knock or two, and most importantly, they have dual controls. This means the instructor can regain control from the candidate to avoid an accident. We find that this is a really useful learning tool, it helps give candidates confidence knowing they are in a safe and controlled environment. The benefit is they tend to then relax and focus on learning rather than worry about crashing.


HALO’s flying sites include;

North Wiltshire

North London