Are you eager to join the growing ranks of commercial drone operators, but fear the mind-bogglingly boring and in-effective training, currently offered by every other provider?

Then fear not, because here at HALO Drones, we are the first to offer a different approach that you will find engaging, fun and more importantly, effective at providing you with the knowledge and skills to not just pass an exam, but to become a competent pilot.

We are not alone in seeing the evidence of ineffective training.  Social media sites are littered with recently qualified pilots setting out on their first jobs, demonstrating their lack of knowledge by asking questions that are fundamental to ensuring safety. 

These questions suggest that the topic was delivered in a rigid, formal (boring), lecture-style using hundreds of PowerPoint slides. At best, the information would have been retained in short term memory long enough to pass an exam, only for it to be forgotten days later. This type of teaching is called ‘didactic training’ and manifests itself in the ‘Death by PowerPoint’ method of transferring knowledge. This typically involves a subject matter expert who stands at the front of the class and addresses candidates sat in orderly rows, with little to no interaction amongst the group.

Apart from the boring and in-effective aspect of this approach, the problem is that the instruction is often designed and conducted by highly talented experts in their chosen fields. If you want to know how to build a wall; ask a bricklayer. The problem comes down to the simple fact that the bricklayer is an expert in brick laying and not an expert in how you learn.

We believe the days of this approach to learning are numbered and we are proud to be the first Recognised Assessment Entity (RAE) to substantially adopt a different style to our training delivery. Whilst retaining highly skilled subject matter experts, we have also engaged specialists with decades of experience in proven learning and development methods. The result is an integrated, fun and experiential program that will accelerate your learning.

At HALO, our flagship “Comprehensive GVC (General VLOS Certificate) course” has taken the requirements of the Air Navigation Order (the laws governing aviation in the UK) and created a program with a set of enlightening objectives. 

It is written in a way that enables candidates to;

  • remember and understand the requirements of the law
  • apply this understanding to a real-life situation
  • analyse and evaluate the potential issues and if appropriate…
  • create new ways of doing things

all done with a view to improving competency and safety.

We have designed the course in house, ensuring we are following proven learning theory (experiential and accelerated learning if you want to further research).  Using these theories, we are confident we are tapping into your best ability to learn AND, more importantly, enhance the retention of your learning.

On our courses, you actively engage with the instructor, fellow candidates and with the story of aviation. You are encouraged into playful discovery and are given the opportunity to explore, experiment, reflect and generate your own learning. The program makes use of pictures, video, posters and other media which are an integral part of the learning experience. 

Candidates are encouraged to relax and become an active participant to fully benefit. A key aspect of the training, and different to most competitors, is our “instructors” are actually “facilitators”.  They encourage you to think about the subject matter and challenge myths and false preconceptions. You are then given time to consider, in context, the material being introduced and how you might apply the learning post-course!  

We have designed every aspect of our range of courses to accommodate a variety of learning styles.

HALO’s main goal is to increase the level of competency in our industry to safeguard its future. As a result, we don’t just give you content to memorise, we give you skills to implement which guarantee a return on your investment.

Posted on: August 26, 2020