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Perhaps the one industry most associated with the use of drone technology is the media sector. Production companies were quick to realise the production value of a drone mounted camera system and the massive cost savings over a traditional helicopter. This sector has driven the industry at one heck of a pace and drone footage can now be spotted on almost every TV channel daily.

Over the years, drone technology and adequate drone training has become more accessible, meaning that even the everyday photographer or videographer can use drones to their advantage.

With our specialist Photographer & Videographer Starter Bundle, you have everything you need to integrate drones into your business.

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High Quality Aerial Imagery & Video

It goes without saying, having a drone in your armoury will take your photography & videography services to new heights. From the sky, you can gain an elevated perspective of whatever you’re shooting, whether that be buildings for property marketing, an outdoor wedding reception or progress photos for construction sites. Capturing this perspective with a drone is much more affordable compared to traditional methods where a helicopter or airplane would be used.

Duplicate Autonomous Flight Paths

Autonomous flights are available with many drones on the market today, including some of the lower level photography/videography drones. This is particularly useful if you need to capture the same shot over multiple occasions, such as taking photos to track progress of a construction site. 

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Highly Portable

Drones are a highly portable solution when you need equipment to gain elevated perspective shots. Powerful enough to capture high definition 4K imagery, but portable enough to take on to a plane as your carry-on luggage. The DJI Mavic 2 Pro, which comes as part of our Comprehensive Photographer/Videographer package, weighs in at only 907 grams.

More Manoeuvrable on the Job

When it comes to getting them shots at height, drones offer much more manoeuvrability for you and your camera crew. Drones excel when it comes to operating indoors or in tight locations, offering a versatile, compact alternative to a jib, crane or camera cable. 

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Drone + Training Bundles

A2 CofC + DJI Mini 2

photography with drones
Media Starter Bundle

£635 inc VAT
  • Everything you need to start using drones for photography & videography.

  • DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo
  • Intermediate Course (A2 CofC)
  • Online learning material
  • Online theory exam
  • Support from HALO instructors
  • Free theory test resit
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