Halo Drones are pleased to announce that we have teamed up with SkyBound Rescuer to help launch their FREE intelligent survey tool, dubbed the ‘Drone License Finder’.

The recent changes in drone regulations across the EU has created a steep learning curve for drone operators, and leaves many new to the industry unsure of what training pathway to take or what category their drone operations apply to. 

Is it the Open Category? Specific Category? Certified? If the drone pilot falls into the Open Category, are they Subcategory A1, A2, or A3? It’s not easy to understand without specialist guidance, and that’s where SkyBound Rescuer’s Drone Licence Finder comes into play.

By completing a series of 3 to 14 ‘yes/no’ questions about their drone and how they intend on flying it, drone pilots can receive their category/subcategory results and personalised guidance based on the answers they give. Once completed, they will receive their category results and their personalised guidance on their rules, legal articles, and drone training requirements – straight to their inbox, immediately!

Click here to try the Drone Licence Finder

“We are delighted to announce our sponsorship of the Drone Licence Finder. It’s not an easy feat to understand the new regulations and categories, so a free tool that can help with that is a massive bonus to all drone operators.

Understanding your training/category using the Drone License Finder takes minutes, versus a matter of days if you were to read through the entire CAA documentation. There is nothing like this in the drone industry at the moment, so we’re sure it will be a big hit amongst new and existing drone pilots.”

Philip Tarry, Co-Founder, HALO Drones

“Complex regulations for drone pilots without simple guidance could result in mass confusion. Accidentally breaking air laws, due to misunderstandings, can ruin a drone pilot’s career and can – sometimes – hold the industry back if it is severe enough for National Aviation Authorities to respond with stricter regulations. These changes then add to the overall confusion. No one wants that to happen.

The new EU drone laws are a great step forward, but they are complex. However, that doesn’t mean that they need to be complicated to learn. My goal with this project was to simplify everyone’s learning journey, to ensure no one accidentally breaks these new rules. And that’s exactly what we have achieved with our Drone License Finder – which is so exciting!”

Gemma Alcock, Founder and CEO, SkyBound Rescuer

Click here to try the Drone Licence Finder

A note about Drone License Terminology

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) do not issue drone licenses, so in strict terms there is actually no such thing as a ‘drone license’ in the UK. The Drone License Finder has been named to reflect the most commonly searched term in Google.

Posted on: December 29, 2020