Drones can be used to capture data (images and video) in a way that is CHEAPER, FASTER, BETTER AND SAFER than alternative methods.

They are revolutionising industries as they prove their value, especially now that COST is an ever more important factor for our customers.

Our drone services team are experts in fully utilising the technology in order to capture COST EFFECTIVE data that helps our clients make better decisions while saving money.

We’ve been doing this since 2013 and are amongst the most experienced and competent drone pilots in the country, if not the world.

We value excellence in safety and quality and it is our mission to provide you with No Nonsense, honest advice that gets you what you need, no BS here!


Our drone services

These are just some of the most popular drone services that we deliver for our clients. The HALO team have thousands of hours of complex flying experience. We can help you achieve success with drones regardless of your business use case, so please get in touch if you want our help.



So you have an asset which is in need of inspection which is difficult to access? You’re fed up with the cost and time it takes to install scaffolding or use a cherry picker? Or you don’t want to keep on putting people into dangerous positions who will struggle to capture the best data?

Our drone inspection services team can capture aerial data while saving you thousands of pounds in manual inspection fees and minimising the risk to individuals in the process.

We can cover Buildings, Telecoms Towers, Mobile Masts, Power lines, Bridges, Industrial Towers, Roofs, Road and Rail. For anything else, just ask and we’ll see what we can do!


The term ‘Drone Survey’ is very generic and is being used to describe lot’s of applications, so let’s be more specific with what services we can provide.

Point Cloud generation using photogrammetry by drone and more recently, LIDAR by drone, can be used for a number of applications like BIM.

Ortho rectified geo referenced images can be used by desktop GIS systems for a range of different applications like Roof Surveys.

Digital Surface Models (using photogrammetry) include vegetation in addition to the surface so are useful for tracking vegetation encroachment into power lines.

Digital Elevation models (using LIDAR) can help map contours as the data excludes the vegetation to reveal the true surface which is particularly useful for archeology.



In times where the state of our environment is of concern and the cost of fuel and living expenses are rapidly rising, saving energy and costs with efficient buildings is more important now, more than ever!

Using the latest thermal camera’s, drones can capture a unique perspective of Buildings and Solar Panels to reveal information about their performance and condition.



Using Point Cloud Data with a maximum absolute accurate of 5cm, we can generate volumetric calculations accurate to within 5%.

We can produce reports which can be used, not only for Stockpile Management but also Materials Movement.


Pilot Phil Tarry flies a DJI S1000 Octocopter Richard Brandon-Co


Drones established their value in the marketing world where their use for capturing aerial images and video is now ubiquitous.

If you don’t have aerial images or video in your marketing content, you’re not meeting the industry standard anymore.

Having cut our teeth in this sector nearly 10 years ago when drones were still a novelty, we were flying 15kg Octocopters carrying Canon 5D’s, flying in environments as diverse as on glaciers in Greenland, to the Sahara dessert in Morocco.

As a result, we can confidently say we have extensive knowledge of this application.

Drone Training Courses

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We can help advise you on what drones can achieve and how they can help you.

What are the benefits of using drone services in your business?

cost of drone services

Cost Savings

Drones don’t require expensive support equipment like cherry pickers or scaffolding to access the area of interest.

drones save time


Drones can get closer to area of interest, helping them capture better imagery than alternative methods.

Time Saving

Time Saving

Other than planning, little time is required prior to arriving on site to set up. Data can be captured and disseminated to the client usually within 24 hours.



Set up time onsite is minimal, they can fly to the area of interest, capture the data, be packed down and redeployed quickly.



The remote control of drones allows them to access the area of interest without putting a person at risk.

Training & Assessment

New Aspects

Drones can access area’s which weren’t previously accessible to people, opening up new avenues of information.

How we work

Step 1: Quote

  • We will spend quality time with you, understanding the deliverables required to achieve what you need. We won't bamboozle you with technical terms, or push unnecessary technology or services on you if it's not appropriate. We will provide the most cost effective solution available for your specific needs.

Step 2: RAMS

  • On acceptance of our quote, we will agree a convenient date and time for the operation and complete a desktop study of your site. A Risk Assessment and Method Statement will be produced to ensure all hazards are mitigated so the mission is completed as safely as possible.

Step 3: Deployment

  • Once we have confirmed the weather is suitable 24 hours in advance of the agreed date, we will arrive on site to complete the operation. An onsite assessment is conducted to ensure additional hazards are mitigated, the aircraft is set up and we will aim to capture the data as quickly as possible with minimal fuss.

What our clients say

"“Halo Drones were very professional and demonstrated immense contingency for any unforeseen problems. Throughout the whole job, communication was crystal clear and their flexibility of available dates and times was outstanding. The price was very reasonable and fitted within the budget we had. They were very polite and time keeping was excellent. The output footage was better than we expected and as a result, we will use Halo Drones for any future projects requiring the services of a drone. We fully recommend Halo Drones to any other businesses.”"

Callum Smith Eaton, Mission Systems Division

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  • How much do drone services cost?

    The cost of our drone services varies considerably depending on the project that our team are undertaking. We try to remain as competitive as possible with the aim of helping you provide better decisions with drone data, whilst providing a return-on-investment for your business. Please contact us for a bespoke quote for your project.