Need expert guidance with your Operations Manual?

This course has been specifically designed for those who need guidance in preparing their Operations Manual in order to apply for an Operational Authorisation from the CAA.

Save time and get your CAA UAV Operations Manual up to standard fast with our Operations Manual Guidance which includes our unique template and online video tutorials. – Everything you need to give yourself peace of mind and ensure a flawless first submission of your Operations Manual.

Following the learning material and completion of your drafted Operations Manual, our expert team will provide a full audit and review prior to submission to the CAA. This process has been proven to alleviate downtime in failed applications, so that you can get started with your drone operations as soon as possible.


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The most comprehensive CAA UAV Operations Manual Guidance

CAA UAV Operations Manual Template

CAA Operations Manual template

Our course includes a full Operations Manual template so you don’t need to waste time starting from scratch. This very same template has been used as guidance to submit 1000s of successful Operations Manuals.


Online video tutorials

We understand that even with an operations manual template, there may be times when you’ll need a little more assistance. That’s why we provide a full suite of online video tutorials that you can follow at your own pace.

drone ops manual advice

Updated in line with the new regulations

All of our Operations Manual guidance is up to date with the new EU regulations that came into effect in 2021. This course is ideal if you are submitting your first ops manual or updating your existing one for an Operations Authorisation.

Drone Operations Manual Review Service

Full review service for peace of mind

Gain the peace of mind of having an ops manual expert run through your template before it is submitted to the CAA. This is proven to reduce failed submissions and enables you to get your drone operations started as fast as possible.

Course Options

Lite Operations Manual Review Course

£180 inc VAT
  • Suitable for those who need an Operations Manual to deliver simple operations in the specific category.

  • Everything you'll need to ensure successful submission of your Ops Manual:

  • Online video tutorials
  • Lite operations manual template
  • Operations manual review x 2

Comprehensive Operations Manual Review Course

£300 inc VAT
  • Suitable for those who need an Operations Manual to deliver complex operations such as flying in congested areas.

  • Everything you'll need to ensure successful submission of your Ops Manual:

  • Online video tutorials
  • 1 hour consultancy session
  • Comprehensive operations manual template
  • Operations manual review x 3

Reduce your chances of operations manual rejection

For most operators who undertake the GVC Course, completing the Operations Manual in line with the strict CAA standards remains to be the trickiest part of the process. If you submit it to the CAA and it’s not up to standard, you face lengthy delays and the prospect of multiple application fees which can put a strain on your drone operations before they’ve even started.

In fact, the inability to complete the operations manual is one of the main reasons why a large percentage of operators never go on to complete the full GVC process. Our aim is to change that, which is why we’ve put this course together as the most comprehensive operations manual guidance you can receive.

Enrol today to be within touching distance of a successful CAA ops manual application.

Ops Manual Help CAA
operational authorisation help

The most intuitive Operations Manual template at your disposal

With other Registered Assessment Entities, you’ll receive nothing more than a ‘bare-bones’ ops manual template to fill in, which is time-consuming and incredibly difficult if you have no experience in high-level policy writing. We understand that not every drone operator is an expert when it comes to document writing for their business, which is why we’ve worked hard to ensure that our Operations Manual template is the most intuitive and accessible you’re likely to find.


Which option is best for me?

Lite Ops Manual Course

Suitable for those who need an Operations Manual to deliver simple operations in the specific category, such as estate agents taking simple photographs or a camera man using a DJI Inspire 2.

Comprehensive Ops Manual Course

Suitable for those who need an Operations Manual to deliver complex operations such as regularly flying in congested airspace with multiple operators.


What’s included in the CAA UAV Operations Manual Course?

  • Video learning material
  • A 1 hour, 1:1 consultancy session with a HALO Instructor (Remote via Zoom) – Available on the comprehensive option.
  • An operations manual template for you to follow
  • Guidance on how to complete your Operations Manual template
  • Reviews of your drafted Operations Manual prior to CAA submission (two on the Lite Course and three on the Comprehensive Course)
  • Access to our exclusive Facebook group for HALO alumni


"The initial discussions / sales pitch was much better than other training companies providing a lot more information and background on the industry, regulations, your company and the course, indicating a solid knowledge base and commitment to education / training. As a local authority I wanted to ensure we were trained thoroughly and properly and not just going through the motions to obtain necessary CAA permissions."

Joe Brickley Bristol City Council

Course Details

  • Who should attend this course?

    Anyone looking to operate in the specific category under the new EU regulations. The CAA requires an Operations Manual in order to apply for an Operational Authorisation, which is required when operating in the specific category.

  • Course Objectives

    To provide sufficient guidance to ensure a successful CAA UAV Operations Manual submission.

  • Course Outcomes

    You will learn everything you need to know in order to draft an Operations Manual that is up to standard and in line with the latest CAA regulations.

  • Course Prerequisites

    You must have successfully completed a GVC Course with a view operating in the specific category as recognised by the CAA.

    Alternatively, you may already have an Operations Manual but are looking to bring it in line with the new EU regulations before applying for an Operational Authorisation.

a2 cofc drone training course

Why train with HALO?

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  • What if I have never trained with HALO before?

    This course is open to any drone operators, regardless of whether you have previously undertaken a drone training course with HALO.

  • How does the 1:1 consultancy session work in the Comprehensive Operations Manual Course?

    The 1:1 consultancy session is your chance to ask all of the questions you need to iron out the final parts of your Operations Manual. Our experts have assisted with 1000s of Operations Manuals over the years, so we are well aware of the makeup of a successful Operations Manual.

    Your consultancy session will last for 1 hour and it will take place over Zoom conferencing software.


  • I already have an Operations Manual, is this course for me?

    Yes, if you already have an Operations Manual, you may need to update it in line with the new regulations to obtain an Operational Authorisation. This is a requirement if you would like to operate in the specific category.

    Our course covers everything you need to know to update your existing Operations Manual.

  • To what extent can I modify the template?

    The templates have been designed to reduce the initial cost and time required to create an Operations Manuals which is ready for approval by the CAA. Therefore any time needed to be spent by our assessors, over and above the time allotted to carry out the initial and subsequent follow-up reviews of your Operations Manual, will be charged and invoiced at the rate of £72 per hour inc. VAT.

    Instances where this additional charge would apply include:

    Any changes to the supplied template not being highlighted, as, if the template is changed to black prior to final approval, the assessor will need to go through the document line by line to assess for changes.

    Phrases or wording missing, where entries have been made that make the Operations Manual incomplete.

    Omissions, where candidates have not followed the instructions on how to complete the Operations Manual. In these instances, the document may either be returned, or additional time needs to be taken to review and highlight the omissions.

    Additions over and above the template that has been provided, where it requires further checking and clarification with the regulations and/or the CAA, e.g. a non-compliant addition.

    Operations Manuals where the recommended software has not been used and this has caused excessive formatting issues. We will use our discretion as to whether we need to return these documents or carry out a review of them to highlight the formatting errors.

    You will be advised of any additional charges once we have had the opportunity to review your Operations Manual and assess the amount of time needed in response to your amendments or inclusions.

    Clearly, the best advice would be for you to rigidly follow the instructions on how to complete your Operations Manual and remember, we are always on hand to provide help and advice.

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