Safer, more efficient building surveys using drones

Building surveyors are beginning to see the immense benefits that drone technology can bring to their operations. Not only do they enable more efficient surveys, but they also vastly improve safety by enabling building surveys without the use of ladders and scaffolding.

With our specialist Building Surveyor Starter Bundle, you have everything you need to integrate drones into your business.

Surveying with drones

Faster Multi-site Surveys

Drone surveys typically only require one operative and a UAV, completely eliminating the requirement for alternative access. If you’re surveying a site with multiple buildings, your survey time is cut down drastically without the need to assemble and dismantle scaffolding.

Enable Surveying of Fragile Structures

Drones have revolutionised the surveying of fragile structures, as you can now capture your data without needing to physically access the structure. This provides a significant benefit over traditional survey methods when there may be a fragile roof or asbestos material present.

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Less Risk

Drones can access difficult locations without the need for ladders or scaffolding. The less someone spends time at height on a roof, the less risk of injuries occurring on the job.

Better Data

Often it can be impossible to reach certain locations at height when using traditional building surveying equipment. Drones enable you to access places that were once unreachable, providing better data to your clients. You can even incorporate additional data services into your offerings such as thermal images and 3D modelling.

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Drone + Training Bundles

A2 CofC + DJI Mini 2

building surveying with drones
Building Surveyor Starter Bundle

£635 inc VAT
  • Everything you need to start using drones for building surveying.

  • DJI Mini 2
  • Intermediate Course (A2 CofC)
  • Online learning material
  • Online theory exam
  • Support from HALO instructors
  • Free theory test resit
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