Our Story

HALO Drones was incorporated towards the end of 2017 and is the culmination of expertise of its two founders. Philip and Rob started off on different paths but with a joint interest in drones and general aviation. They met in mid 2017 at a commercial drone training course and discussed their ideas and visions for how drones could help create progress in society.

It became apparent that the industry was caught in a race to the bottom both in terms of service provision and drone training. This has created a fragmented market that is confusing for end users who struggle to identify quality service providers. HALO Drones was born to tackle these challenges.

The adoption of drone technology can have a massively positive impact on society and HALO is here to help make that a reality. We believe we all need to value this profession so as to ensure its future.

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Our Vision

“Promote progress in society through the adoption and ethical integration of new uses for drone technology. We want everyone to enjoy the benefits of this progress.”

To achieve this, we are committed to raising standards across the industry by pursuing excellence in operation, data output and customer service to increase market adoption.

Standing between our vision and its realisation are a number of challenges. These include knowledge and skill gaps, poor data and room for improvement in the safety and efficiency across the diverse applications of drones.

HALO takes a leading role in tackling these challenges.



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Philip Tarry

Philip Tarry, Co Founder & Director

Son of former British Airways pilot, in 2013 Philip co-founded and became the first officially appointed Chairman of ARPAS-UK (trade association for drones here in the UK). Philip was instrumental in building a voice for the sector.

He qualified as a commercial drone pilot in 2014 and has completed commercial drone projects in locations as diverse as Greenland and Morocco, and has more than 250 hours logged.

In 2015, Philip became a partner in a different Aerial Imaging company, and received an award for his contribution to the drone industry from the Royal Aeronautical Society. He still serves on its committee for unmanned aircraft.

Since 2016, he has worked as an instructor and assessor for four different drone training schools. He has delivered more than 60 courses to over 500 candidates.

Philip is a recognised thought leader in the drone industry. He has been interviewed on BBC Radio 4, The World Service and other prominent media outlets as a subject matter expert.

Rob Stevenson, Co Founder & Director

A serial entrepreneur with a keen eye for numbers, Rob has built numerous successful businesses, primarily in the tech sector.

He has flown radio-controlled model helicopters for over 15 years and was an early adopter of drones back in 2013.

Rob has a passion for anything to do with technology, aerial photography and the environmental benefits that drones can bring to society. He is currently working towards his Private Pilot License.

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Peter Mayes, Learning Development Manager

A professional learning and development consultant and previous PFCO holder, Peter has worked hard to incorporate modern accelerated and experiential training and assessment methodologies into HALO’s training courses. Having not much prior experience in the aviation sector has helped him break the mould of resorting to traditional training methods.

Peter is also responsible for the ongoing development of new courses, while ensuring quality is maintained of existing ones.

Jon Rowland, Instructor & Assessor